Our Tree and Shrub programs are an insurance policy to protect your landscape. By providing timely applications we will help prevent insect and disease infestations and keep your trees, shrubs, and other plant material healthy and vibrant. Preventative maintenance starts in late winter/early Spring before plants leaf out. Applying a dormant oil with a fungicide will help to control insect eggs, scale, and disease. As the season progresses our technicians will continue to provide timely applications to continue to ensure that your landscape is protected year-round.

Systemic Injections are also a beneficial way to protect your larger trees. By applying this application into the root zone of your trees, the entire tree will uptake the material and help protect them. This treatment will help reduce larger deciduous trees from dripping, as well as saving the tops in your evergreens from being damaged.

Free Service Calls – We offer Free Service Calls to inspect issues or concerns between normal applications to ensure the health of your landscape. If you notice a potential problem on your trees or shrubs call us and we will be out within 24 hours to diagnose any issue or problem.

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