Elements Landscaping offers an all-inclusive maintenance program that takes care of our customers’ complete outdoor needs. Allowing Elements Landscaping to oversee the ongoing care and maintenance of your landscape will leave you more time to spend with those who are closest to you.

Lawn Aerating and Thatching

Aeration and Thatching are both an important part of your lawn care program. Aeration is the process of mechanically removing cores of turf to improve the flow of air, water and nutrients in dense, compacted soil….

Fertilizer and Weed Programs

Fertilizing can be extremely beneficial to the health of your yard. Plants require specific nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to grow healthy. Lawn care professionals use fertilizer as a supplement to make sure the grass has all the nutrients and minerals it needs to grow green….

Mowing and Edging

Would you like to create envy amongst your neighbors by having a beautiful manicured lawn each and every week? If so, Elements Landscaping is here to help you achieve that goal and take on that responsibilty for you!…

Spring Cleanup

Spring is the season of growth, renewal, and repair. Winter’s cold, snow, and ice disappear, leaving chaos behind – broken limbs on trees and shrubs, squashed grass and plantings, tipped over fencing, misplaced stones and bricks from walkways and walls, and damp, moldy piles of leaves and debris on the lawn….

Tree and Shrub Protection

Our Tree and Shrub programs are an insurance policy to protect your landscape. By providing timely applications we will help prevent insect and disease infestations and keep your trees, shrubs, and other plant material healthy and vibrant….


Pruning is useful for a few different reasons; to promote plant health, to maintain plants for optimal flowering and fruit development and to get a desired plant form….

Fall Cleanup

As Beautiful as it can be to see our trees transform their leaves into that gorgeous orange/red color, it can also leave us with a bittersweet feeling.We know the next time we look outside our yards will be covered in those gorgeous leaves leaving us loads of cleanup work….

Pest Control

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